Board members

The board members of actionuni run the organization’s day to day work and are responsible for dealing with any internal and external requests.

Joanna Haupt
University of Zurich
joanna.haupt AT
Laure Piguet
University of Fribourg
laure.piguet AT
Hannah Schoch
University of Zurich
hannah.schoch AT
Dr. Anupamaa Rampur
finance AT
Magali Cécile Bertrand
University of Lausanne
magalicecile.bertrand AT
Board member
Rachel Démolis
Haute École de la Santé Vaud / Université de Lausanne
rachel.demolis AT
Board member
Dr. Timon Elmer
ETH Zurich
timon.elmer AT
Board member
Neele Heiser
University of Geneva
neele.heiser AT
Board member
Dr. Antonio Di Maio
University of Bern
antonio.dimaio AT
Board member