A new opportunity from the Swiss Academies of Science

An exciting opportunity for networking and mentoring for mid-level academics has been developed by the Swiss Academies of Science.

The Swiss Young Academy gives young researchers the opportunity to carry out inter- and transdisciplinary projects. With their dedication and contributions, members pursue the early identification of challenges facing society, provide solutions for these challenges, and foster a dialogue between science and society.

The Swiss Young Academy offers its members the following benefits:

  1. networking platform focused on current issues and questions related to science policy
  2. Inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration on projects related to the thematic areas of focus set by the Academies and their associated institutions
  3. Mentoring and development programmes for young academics that strengthen their skills as well as their national and international networks
  4. Greater access to equal opportunities and a heightened awareness of issues related to society and its dialogue with science
  5. Individual support during the five years of membership, coupled with the overall benefits of joint projects for scholarship in Switzerland
  6. Members function as the Academy’s contacts abroad while also representing the diversity of the scientific field in Switzerland