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actionuni meets with swissuniversities, VSS and swissfaculty

Last week, three members of the board of actionuni were invited to a meeting with the new president of swissuniversities, Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner, the secretary general and vice secretary general of swissuniversities, Dr. Martina Weiss and Dr. Sabine Felder, as well as representatives of VSS and swissfaculty.

We had an open brainstorming about topics that could be of common interest and should therefore be pursued jointly in the future. Moreover, we addressed the issue that actionuni is not represented in any of swissuniversities’ commitees .

The following important issues where we prospectively should work together were identified:

  • political statements
  • commitment for a Switzerlands integration into the European research and innovation area
  • exchange about career options for young researchers

actionuni warns against admission of the “Durchsetzungsinitiative”

Two years after the vote on immigration restriction, the Swiss Institutions of Higher Education warn against the consequences of the enforcement initiative, which will come to the vote on 28th February 2016. They publish a joint declaration dedicated to keeping Switzerland in the centre of a European environment of research and education.

swissuniversities warns against the dire consequences for Swiss education and research if the EU, in a worst case scenario, should make use of their option to cancel all bilateral agreements at once – among them the one that ensures scientific and technological cooperation. This would mean the definitive exclusion of Switzerland from the Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ programmes. Continue reading actionuni warns against admission of the “Durchsetzungsinitiative”

Annual meeting with representatives of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

In November 2015, a delegation of the board of actionuni met with representatives of SNSF. The very positive exchange focused on:

  • the impact of financial austerity in Switzerland on the funding of research,
  • access of researchers of Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities of Teacher Education to SNSF funding,
  • the future of academic careers,
  • permeability of SNSF funded and University funded career paths,
  • conditions of employment non-professorial academic staff
  • academic independence of non-professorial academic staff
  • funding of interdisciplinary research of non-professorial academic staff, and
  • the flexibility of SNSF-instruments for researcher with families.