Extensions are justified and are due!!

Prolongations are necessary for all who have been unable to study and work as expected. Anything short of this is clearly unfair.
actionuni has teamed up with VSS-UNES and the labour union VPOD-SSP for a joint press release on the topic of extensions and prolongations for students and mid-level staff.
Please follow the link to the press release and keep an eye on our Twitter page!

Food for thought-Avuba’s 2020 postdoc snapshot

Our member from the University of Basel, avuba, has just published a comprehensive survey of UniBasel postdocs, carried out in 2020, a year we are unlikely to forget.

The data is impressive and shows how much change is needed for mid-level staff, and specifically postdoc, employment, support and promotion.

An overview of the datasets in German or in English and the survey itself and a summary of results in German and English are now publicly available. Talk of food for thought…..

Covid-19: The Quiet Crisis of PhDs and COVID-19

Please follow this link to read this sobering research article from Australia where the authors “….found that 75% of students expect to experience financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. Consequently, 45% report being pushed beyond their financial capacities and expect to be forced to disengage from their research within six months. Comparative pre-COVID data from an Australian national survey, reports research student disengagement of 20% over four years. The 25% increase of expected disengagement, in a much-reduced period, signals a deeper PhD crisis. Swift intervention is required to avert substantial impacts to the pipeline of research talent.”

The immigration limitation initiative is a losing game for us all

The limitation initiative, including the termination initiative, affects the universities to a high degree: it jeopardizes two bilateral agreements that are important for the Swiss universities: The free movement of persons and the European research framework programmes.

We would like to draw your attention to the following media release from swissuniversities:

DE:  https://www.swissuniversities.ch/aktuell/nein-zur-begrenzungsinitiative-schweizer-hochschulen-sind-erfolgreich-dank-ihrer-vernetzung

FR:  https://www.swissuniversities.ch/fr/actualite/non-a-linitiative-de-limitation-le-succes-des-hautes-ecoles-suisses-depend-de-leur-mise-en-reseau

IT : https://www.swissuniversities.ch/it/attualita/no-alliniziativa-per-la-limitazione-le-scuole-universitarie-svizzere-hanno-successo-grazie-alla-loro-interconnessione

«Er deutet damit an, dass es an der ETH Zürich einen Kulturwandel geben wird.»

Salome Adam, co-president of actionuni, recognizes the positive intentions of ETH-president Joël Mesot in a recent interview with züriost. Joël Mesot publicly apologized “to those affected by the unprofessional conduct of their supervisors” and presents a set of measures to improve prevention, leadership and the handling of conflict situations.

Read the full article here (German only).