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We are recruiting the new actionuni Board!

Are you interested in higher education politics in Switzerland? Do you want to interact with
key higher education stakeholders? Do you want to connect with your peers to collaborate
on improving academia? Then you should join actionuni as a Delegate or as a Board member!

We are looking for candidates for the following positions:

  • Co-President(s) / Vice-President(s)
  • Treasurer
  • Board member
  • Delegate to the SHK (Schweizerischen Hochschulkonferenz) / CSHE (Conférence suisse des hautes écoles)
  • Eurodoc delegate

You can find more information in the following document: Open positions actionuni 2023

To apply to an open position, please send a short letter of interest and your CV to the email address “president AT” by October 15

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, 2023.

actionuni welcomes its new board members!

Actionuni1 thanks all delegates who attended the extraordinary assembly in Bern on 24.06 (protocol shall be soon posted).

Congratulations to our newly elected co-president Hannah Schoch , and new board members Magali Bertrand, Timon Elmer, Neele Heiser and Rachel Demolis, and an official welcome to our delegate to the swiss universities teaching committee Lisa Rieble!

Minutes from actionuni’s 2021 GA

Please find the minutes of actionuni’s last general assembly here.

actionuni’s annual report 2020/21 and GA 2020 protocols

Please find actionuni’s annual report for 2020/21 here.

Please find the two protocols for our 2020 large and small general assembly here and here

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actionuni is proud to present its new board!

Actionuni held its 2021 general assembly online. Congratulations to our new co-president’s Laia Guardiola and Marco Prost. Hannah Schoch is elected as new board member. Furthermore, congratulations to Melanie Roethlisberger on being officially elected as actionuni’s delegate to Open Science.
Please check our board page for contact details.
A very warm welcome to the new board members and thanks to outgoing co-presidents Rashmi Rai-Rawat and Carmen Faso who wish good luck to the new board for their future work!

New actionuni board and delegate

On 29 September 2020, the General Assembly of actionuni der Schweizer Mittelbau renewed its board with a new co-president and new delegate to the SNSF.

Congratulations to our new co-president Martina von Arx and to our newly-acquired actionuni SNSF delegate Prabitha Urwyler!

Co-presidents Carmen Faso and Rashmi Rai-Rawat wish to thank all previous board members including Alexey Evstratov and Isabel Bolliger. Special thanks to Katharina Prautsch for her invaluable service as SNSF delegate board member and to Lauriane Nallet-Khosrofian and former co-president Salome’ Adam for their dedication as social media officers.

The new board will meet in early December.


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Annual Report 2019/20

The Annual Report 2019/20 was published.

Actionuni wants you!

Actionuni is opening up positions in its core and extended board. If you

a) are a Switzerland-based mid-level staff member

b) are enthusiastic about supporting mid-level staff across Switzerland

c) have capacity and interest in teamwork,

please take a look at our open positions advertisement and apply!

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Election of the new actionuni board and representatives

On 13 May 2019 the General Assembly of actionuni der Schweizer Mittelbau elected a new tripartite co-presidency and a new board.

Congratulations to board members Isabel Bolliger, Alexey Evstratov, Carmen Faso, Rashmi Rai-Rawat and to our newly-acquired actionuni representatives Sophie Girardin and Cosima Locher!

The co-presidents Carmen Faso, Isabel Bolliger and Rashmi Rai-Rawat wish to thank all previous board members and especially former co-presidents Salome Adam and Suzana Atanasoski for the excellent work done over the past year.



Annual Report 2018/19

The Annual Report 2018/19 was published.