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Actionuni participated in a public consultation on how EU funds should be used

In consultation with Eurodoc, Actionuni participated in a public consultation on how EU funds should be used in the areas of investment, research &innovation, SMEs and the single market.

We highlighted in particular the importance of a full funding of EU research programs and asked the EU to:

  1. Increase budget of FP9
  2. Support Open Science for researchers
  3. Support career development of researchers
  4. Fund research into mental health of researchers

You’ll find our complete answers here (PDF)

Actionuni recommends voting against the upcoming no-billag initiative.

It is not very common for actionuni providing a voting recommendation on political topics which do not concern the scientific staff at first sight. But since the no-billag initiative does have direct and indirect influence on higher education institutes and the scientific staff, actionuni clearly recommends voting no in the upcoming no-billag initiative, as (inter alia) the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and the fh-zh do.

Further arguments as well as a profound statement can be found here.

Feedback to the proposed changes of the HFKG and the accreditation process

actionuni has given feedback to the proposed financing scheme within the HFKG. For Universities of Applied Sciences, the model 85/15 is preferred unanimously, implying a moderate shift towards giving research a higher importance. Among the members of the universities, no clear consent was reached which financing model should be used.

A second feedback was requested regarding the topic of a simplified second accreditation process for universities, which have passed a first accreditation without obligations. actionuni supports the position of the Swiss Accreditation Council to postpone the decision whether and how a simplified accreditation process should be implemented until 2019 once more experience about the new accreditation system has been gathered.

Antwort Vernehmlassung Finanzierung HFKG

Antwort Vernehmlassung Vereinfachte Akkreditierung

Feeback to the proposed change to add the Specialised Maturity Certificate as an entry point into Swiss universities

Das SBFI schlägt eine Revision der “Verordnung über die Ergänzungsprüfung für die Zulassung von Inhaberinnen und Inhabern eines eidgenössischen Berufsmaturitätszeugnisses zu den universitären Hochschulen” vor, die es neu auch Inhaberinnen und Inhabern einer gesamtschweizerisch anerkannten Fachmaturität den Zugang zu den universitären Hochschulen ermöglicht.

actionuni begrüsst die vorgeschlagene Ergänzung.

Vernehmlassungsantwort Fachmaturität

actionuni attends hearing of the Science, Education and Culture Committee SECC

On 13 April 2016, co-president Florian Lippke (University of Fribourg) represented actionuni during a hearing of Science, Education and Culture Committee SECC of the National Council (WBK-N / CSEC-N). The hearing regarded the recently released federal message on education, research and innovation policy.

actionuni stressed as its main points:

  • Increase the financial growth rate in the message to 3-4% annually
  • Not to jeopardize those actions that are aimed at improving career paths for young researchers if there are budget cuts
  • Increase the number of new Tenure Track positions from 40  to 100 new positions per year
  • Definition of concrete actions and indicators for measuring the success of reaching the goal of improving careers for young researchers.

A position paper to support Florian Lippke’s presentation was developed by the board:

BFI-Botschaft 2017-2020_Position Mittelbau_WBK-N 13-04-16_d

Message FRI 2017-2020_Positions Corps intermédiaire_CSEC-N 13-04-16_f


Feeback to the proposed changes in the Federal Act on the Federal Institutes of Technology

actionuni welcomes the changes which aim at improving good governance. However, we question whether it is a good move to increase study fees for foreign students in the context of the currently open questions between Switzerland and the EU with respect to the free movement of people.

Vernehmlassungsantwort ETH-Gesetz

Vernehmlassung Innosuisse

actionuni nimmt zuhanden des SBFI Stellung zum “Bundesgesetz über die Schweizerische Agentur für Innovationsförderung (Innosuisse-Gesetz, SAFIG)”

Vernehmlassungsantwort Innosuisse

Vernehmlassung internationale Zusammenarbeit

actionuni nimmt zuhanden des SBFI Stellung zur “Verordnung über die internationale Zusammenarbeit im Bereich der Bildung, der Berufsbildung, der Jugend und der Mobilitätsförderung”

Vernehmlassungsantwort internationale Zusammenarbeit

BFI-Botschaft 2013-2016

Actionuni hat am 19.3.12 eine Stellungnahme zur Beratung der Botschaft über die Förderung von Bildung, Forschung und Innovation 2013-2016 (BFI-Botschaft 2013-2016) durch die ständerätliche Kommission für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur (WBK-S) eingereicht. Diese Stellungnahme ging in angepasster Form am 31.5.12 auch an die nationalrätliche Kommission für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur (WBK-N).

Handlungsbedarf in der akademischen Nachwuchsförderung

Actionuni hat am 21. 9. 2011 ein Grundsatzpapier verabschiedet zum Handlungsbedarf in der akademischen Nachwuchsförderung.